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"Dew" more on a realm The outfit that show a belly complete wear into the mainstream

Last year the outfit that show a ventral mainly reflected on a "dew" word, the other is not important, no matter what you show is the abdomen or lower abdomen, your clothes is tight or loose, it doesn't matter, you can be classified as long as the dew in the modern game for the team. Now, however, want to want to fish in troubled waters by this is not so easy, I'm afraid.
This year's trend mainly highlights a key word: a two-piece, namely: the fluctuation outfit last year can buy different styles of optional collocation, but this will need to complete purchase, have a case to prove: the latest Fashion Icon winner Rihanna demonstration speaks for itself. Last year, slimming successful RiRi loves to do one thing in all kinds of meat of clothes, including a large number of the outfit that show a belly, and wear one this year

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